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500ml Hypochlorous acid disinfectant
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500ml Hypochlorous acid disinfectant

we provide non toxic disinfectant,If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us. More information of our products will be forwarded to you upon receipt of your specific inquiry.Application:Gerneral object surface disinfection, Air disinfection,Disinfection of food processing applicances ( tableware ) and equipment,Disinfection of fruits and vegetables etc.

Jiedao micro acid hypochlorite disinfectant sold by Shandonglonghe Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. is produced by a new generation of medical sterilization and disinfection technology, which has three characteristics of disinfection, sterilization and deodorization.

Jiedao micro acid hypochlorite disinfectant sold by Shandong Longhe Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. is a new type of high-efficient disinfectant with wide sterilization spectrum, strong killing ability, high safety and good environmental protection.

Jiedao micro acid hypochlorite disinfectant sold by Shandong Longhe Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. can be used for disinfection of medical and health institutions, various public places, food processing, restaurants, families and other occasions and objects, including endoscopes, surgical instruments, wounds / wounds, skin and mucous membranes, air disinfection, hand disinfection, object surfaces and fabrics, fruits and vegetables, meals, etc Disinfection of drinking utensils and secondary water supply equipment and facilities.

The novel coronavirus disinfectant which is sold by Shandong Longhe Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. , helps you fight the new coronavirus, fight the epidemic situation, and sterilize it safely.

We can design different styles of prefab houses,tiny house,container house,disinfection channel, etc.

Welcome to customize the shell, model, weight, size, house design, etc.

We have professional house designers who can customize exclusive houses for you


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