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Chinese Wooden Ready House Materials Container House Smart Good Quality Prefab House Australian Standard Caravan Motor Tiny Home
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Chinese Wooden Ready House Materials Container House Smart Good Quality Prefab House Australian Standard Caravan Motor Tiny Home

Application scenario :Hotels, villas, vacations, private clubs, sun rooms, exhibition halls.
Feature:Wooden houses have the advantages of durability, corrosion resistance, comfort in four seasons, fireproof and moisture-proof safety and firmness, earthquake resistance, environmental protection and pollution-free, etc. The best building for modern people's living houses is undoubtedly the wooden house.
Advantage:It can settle down in any corner of the world. It can also be shipped after finished in factory.
Not only that, it also explains
What is a high-end mobile home.
Under the premise of ensuring comfort
Taking health as the most important indicator and comparing the present to the future, we have developed a very livable housing system. Use sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. Complete functions, small footprint, reducing space constraints. Factory assembly and delivery, cost-saving, overall movable, beautiful appearance, low-key luxury, green standard materials are used for environmental protection, convenient to move, and wide application scenarios.
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Longhe wooden house is made of durable, anti-corrosion, fire and moisture-proof, safe and solid, earthquake resistant, environmental friendly and pollution-free materials and processes. It can be used as the construction of coffee house, exhibition hall, apartment and exclusive villa.

Longhe integrated house has CE, ISO9001, SGS and other testing certification. Longhe integrated house has the advantages of solid structure, on-site installation, high quality and low price.

Longhe integrated house is widely used in various medium and low rise buildings. Such as commercial houses, apartments, schools, camps, temporary hospitals, exhibition halls, temporary houses, government resettlement houses, movable board houses and factories. At present, it is widely used in inland, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions.

Longhe integrated wooden house adopts wood color with cool colors, coupled with simple, unique and fashionable design, giving a comfortable living and travel experience.

Longhe wooden house can be used for apartments, B & B, cafes, offices, etc., giving a comfortable and gentle living experience.

We can design different styles of prefab houses,tiny house,container house,disinfection channel, etc.

Welcome to customize the shell, model, weight, size, house design, etc.

We have professional house designers who can customize exclusive houses for you 

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1  Years Warranty !

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1.Q:what is the life time

 A:More than 30years

2.Q:what is the application or using?

          A:It can be used in various buildings, such as hotels, offices, schools, entertainment clubs, etc.

3.Q:Is wooden cabin strong?

   A:Do not worry! You can live in a wooden structure house in complete safety even if there is an external attack by strong winds above 12 and an earthquake with magnitude 9 .

4.Q:Compared with traditional buildings, what are the advantages of wooden houses? 

A:Better sound insulation, anti-seismic, anti-wind, time-saving and labor-saving, and strong anti-termite ability. 

5.Q:Does wooden houses look different from ordinary houses? 

A:Yes it is. Wooden houses are more beautiful, wood is all natural and non-radiative, which is good for people's body and mind 。

6:what is delivery time?

It depends on order quantity.Usually,delivery time is about 7-10 days after getting deposit.

7:Is water system and electricity prefabricated befor shipping?



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