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Green Standard Materials Wooden Structure Houses Collapsible Container House Prefabricated
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Green Standard Materials Wooden Structure Houses Collapsible Container House Prefabricated

Application scenario :Hotels, villas, vacations, private clubs, sun rooms, exhibition halls.
Feature:Wooden houses have the advantages of durability, corrosion resistance, comfort in four seasons, fireproof and moisture-proof safety and firmness, earthquake resistance, environmental protection and pollution-free, etc. The best building for modern people's living houses is undoubtedly the wooden house.
Advantage:It can settle down in any corner of the world. It can also be shipped after finished in factory.
Not only that, it also explains
What is a high-end mobile home.
Under the premise of ensuring comfort
Taking health as the most important indicator and comparing the present to the future, we have developed a very livable housing system. Use sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. Complete functions, small footprint, reducing space constraints. Factory assembly and delivery, cost-saving, overall movable, beautiful appearance, low-key luxury, green standard materials are used for environmental protection, convenient to move, and wide application scenarios.
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1.Q:what is the life time

 A:More than 30years

2.Q:what is the application or using?

          A:It can be used in various buildings, such as hotels, offices, schools, entertainment clubs, etc.

3.Q:Is wooden cabin strong?

   A:Do not worry! You can live in a wooden structure house in complete safety even if there is an external attack by strong winds above 12 and an earthquake with magnitude 9 .

4.Q:Compared with traditional buildings, what are the advantages of wooden houses? 

A:Better sound insulation, anti-seismic, anti-wind, time-saving and labor-saving, and strong anti-termite ability. 

5.Q:Does wooden houses look different from ordinary houses? 

A:Yes it is. Wooden houses are more beautiful, wood is all natural and non-radiative, which is good for people's body and mind 。

6:what is delivery time?

It depends on order quantity.Usually,delivery time is about 7-10 days after getting deposit.

7:Is water system and electricity prefabricated befor shipping?



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