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  • What are the Characteristics of Affordable Prefab Homes?

    As a Prefab Container Houses Manufacturers China, share with you. "Assembled house" is a popular name for prefabricated houses. Its full name is prefabricated houses. It uses industrialized production methods to construct houses.

  • Is the Mobile Thermometry Disinfection Channel Useful?

    As a Mobile Disinfection Channel Machine Supplier, share with you. Mobile
    Thermometry Disinfection Channel has features such as non-sensing temperature
    measurement, preliminary screening of human body temperature, diverse display,
    metal detection, multi-location alarm function, modular component

  • What Are Shipping Container Homes?

    We are Container House Company, share with you. Mean you have actually just read about these points called Shipping Container Homes and you're wanting to learn more concerning them.

  • Principle of body temperature measuring instrument(walk through temperature body scanner)

    we provide walk through temperature body scanner,you can know it.Using an ordinary mercury thermometer generally requires 3 to 5 minutes in the mouth and armpits. It is relatively quick to measure body temperature by infrared method, and it only takes a few seconds to measure the temperature of forehead and eardrum.

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